[Review] The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgerton #2)

[Review] The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgerton #2)

Let me start by saying I put off starting this book because I was utterly unimpressed with the last one but I promised myself I would read the WHOLE series so we powered through. But I quickly discovered that this book was nothing like the Duke and I and can even be read as a stand-alone.

This book follows Anthony, the eldest Bridgerton brother’s journey to marriage. He sees marriage as very straightforward and does not plan to fall in love and even finds the perfect woman to marry until he meets her over-protective sister, Kate Sheffield, who does not believe this reformed rake is anywhere near good enough for her sister.

This book really caught me off guard, I really did not want to like it but I did. I really loved the character development, both Anthony and Kate come a long way and by the end have really grown with each other. This is something I really like to see in romance novels and it was excellently written. It also had lots of my favorite thing in a romance novel……BANTER!! I love to see it.

I also have to say I love how independent a character Kate is. I feel like in historical fiction the problem always is “no one wants to marry the girl” but in this one, it was “she does not want to get married.” I think it was a really fresh take and a huge step up from Daphne in the last book where we see her failing to attract men. Now, something I didn’t like is how the book describes Kate and then follows to say she is unattractive but she sounds GORGEOUS. It just does not make sense to me, if you want to make her not conventionally attractive follow through. I just don’t like how she is described as some kind of supermodel and then they say she’s unattractive, it irked me the entire time.

I didn’t love Anthony in the first book but this book really humanized him. Specifically, I like how in the last book he acted very “macho” defending his sister and acting as the head of the family, and in this book, he was much gentler and more vulnerable. I died laughing but also had so much anxiety in the bee scene, I won’t say any more for those who have not read but it is just too much!

I also found that the author did such a great job writing the little moments between the two main characters and it was a slow burn but it was not an awful wait. There are little moments along the way that are so intimate and make you feel like the characters are already together. You also get a scene where Daphne and Simon appear and it is just so cute. Family moments like that really warm my heart and I love the emphasis these books put on family.

Now I cannot wrap up this review without saying this. I said it last time and I will say it again. COLIN IS THE BEST BRIDGERTON. Colin manages to be the star of every novel. I really hope this is portrayed in the show because I am absolutely in love with him.

Overall, I give this book a 4/5. I liked it so much more than the first. I think its possible that I liked it more because I didn’t have it ruined by the TV show but I also think I overall liked the characters better. The first one had pacing and content issues while this one had a steady plot and good characters to drive it forward.

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  1. I completely agree with everything you said. I was disappointed by the first book (I think because the TV series had so much more going on) so lowered my expectations for this one and I loved it!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Blog

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